What Is A Drug Addiction Rehab?

A drug addiction rehab refers to a facility where people addicted to drugs are treated to overcome an addiction problem. Extended drug use creates strong dependence that causes these users to develop compulsive affinity to the substance. Under these circumstances, users may feel it is impossible to live without taking the drugs.

The fear of combating withdrawal symptoms is especially the greatest hindrance preventing people from stopping use of certain drugs. Drug addiction rehabs provide suitable environments for addicted patients to help them deal with addiction problems. Keep reading here for more tips.

Rehabs are run by professionals trained in helping individuals who are addicted to drugs. Many of them are mainly inpatient, meaning that patients reside in the facilities when they are dealing with the addiction. Some of the withdrawal symptoms experienced by users who try to stop using a substance abruptly, such as seizures and convulsions, can be life threatening, especially if they are not addressed at the right time. Rehab facilities provide the required medical assistance.

What Is A Drug Addiction Rehab?

Rehabs also help in providing suitable environments for addicts so that they can stop abusing substances. The addict is kept in an environment where they are isolated from the drugs and from colleagues that may influence them to continue using drugs. Counseling is also provided to keep them positively motivated to stop using drugs once and for all.

The patient is also offered medical assistance for quitting drugs such as use of replacements. These are substances that are used in place of another drug to reduce the impact of withdrawal symptoms. Once the addict has successfully overcome addiction, the replacement substance is then tapered off and withdrawn. The reasoning behind using replacement substances is that they have milder withdrawal effects than the original addictive drug.

The efficiency of the rehab can be seen in the many recovered addicts who have attended drug addiction treatment, and those who have quit substance on their own. Above 80% of the addicts who quit using substance without seeking professional assistance are likely to relapse to abusing substance within less than six months.

This has been attributed to the fact that the do-it-yourself rehabilitation only addresses physical dependence, while drug addiction is also a psychological dependence. Rehabilitation facilities have psychotherapists who can help the patients to learn new behavior and develop a healthier attitude towards drugs, such that they are capable of refraining from substance abuse even after going back to a regular lifestyle.

It is imperative to understand that treatment at rehab facilities can be expensive, although there are a few run by charitable organizations. You should be ready to cater for the cost of the treatment service. Fees may be determined by several things, including whether the facility is private or owned by the state. The state-owned facilities tend to be more affordable than privately held organizations.

Rehab provides support to the patient through providing continued counseling and resources to the patient. The addict may be linked with recovered addicts and discussion groups where they build motivation to refrain from abusing drugs. Lastly, the rehabs also conduct detoxification programs that involve professional cleaning of accumulated toxins in the body. This process helps in a faster substance abuse recovery.

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