Substance Abuse Recovery In Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is famous for both historical buildings and also, regrettably, for the issues it has with drug addiction. Addiction is a neurological disease without a cure. While medical professionals have formulated extremely effective treatments, every addict faces the consistent threat of a relapse. The chemical alterations that happen in the brain of someone during addiction are irreversible.

Even addicts persistent with their recovery endeavors will encounter cravings long after they finish drug addiction rehab in Pennsylvania. Coping with this effectively is essential for those who wish to pull themselves together and carry on with the advancements they achieved during rehab.

Because drug trafficking increased during the early 1990s, law enforcement officials and Drug Enforcement Agencies earmarked particular parts of Pennsylvania as drug trafficking areas, relating especially to New Jersey, and Philadelphia and Camden. The Administration for Drug Enforcement reported that the issues in Philadelphia with drug addiction stemmed from African American and Hispanic groups with big, established networks spread throughout the state. These well-organized drug traffickers distribute and receive narcotics across Pennsylvania through Philadelphia and additional locations.

Drug Addiction Rehab In Pennsylvania

While powder cocaine and crack make up most of the arrests related to federal drug offenses, heroin remains a consistent issue in Pennsylvania that is normally made available by drug cartels from South America. Heroin traffickers continuously look for new clients in the rural areas and smaller towns of Pennsylvania. Admissions for Heroin abuse treatment did account for more than 14% of drug addiction rehab in Pennsylvania admissions during 2006, with 20.8 Kg being seized by the Administration for Drug Enforcement.

As stated above, cocaine is the primary drug abused in Pennsylvania because admissions for heroin treatment and drug offenses are comparatively small. 739 Kg was confiscated by federal officials and agencies for law enforcement throughout 2007, with 44% of the people arrested being charged with possession of this drug. Cocaine, both crack cocaine and powder, is easily the most abused and popular drug in the state.

Marijuana is in 3rd place, accounting for almost 10% of federal drug arrests during 2006, with teams of drug detection state police confiscating 377,856 grams that very year. Federal drug confiscations managed to capture 571.5 Kg of marijuana during 2007. Drug addiction rehab in Pennsylvania admissions are growing, along with other states throughout the country. The states who have more liberal laws on medical marijuana, are encountering an average of up to 30% more marijuana related admissions for rehab treatment.

Methamphetamine abuse and addiction has significantly reduced, with the main abuse areas being in Philadelphia. Secretive incidents with meth labs reached their height in 2004 (at 106), then fell during the following 3 years (to 11). Mexican drug cartels also keep meth addicts stocked up with trans shipments coming in and out of Philadelphia.

Addicts looking for assistance from drug addiction rehab in Pennsylvania generally have 3 addiction treatment methods to pick from. Around 95% of the options for treatment available throughout the Commonwealth are the twelve step centers for drug rehab. Other available treatment plans are the longer term, non-denominational Christian based plans which average anything from 12 to 18 months duration.

The more long term the better as far as successful treatment and rehabilitation goes. Relapses are nothing to be ashamed about, and are regarded by many experts as part of the learning process. Though by laying a nice solid foundation through a treatment program, coupled with a desire to stay clean and a willingness to do the work, the chances of a relapse can be just about eliminated. Most of this is up to the individual. In a real sense, someone could go into the lowest quality facility and remain sober and vice versa.

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