Oklahoma Substance Abuse Treatment

Many individuals face problems with drug addiction. While addicts may remain addicts for life, many have found drug addiction rehab in Oklahoma helpful in maintaining sobriety and avoiding the problems an active addiction can bring. With the right attitude and an effective drug addiction rehab, you can get your life back.

The process of recovery very often begins with detox. Most addicts have the best results with drug addiction rehab in Oklahoma when they undergo detox in a health care facility when needed. During the process, the doctors supervising the detox process can prescribe medication to reduce the physical effects of detoxifying the body. During detox, physical symptoms of drug abuse withdrawal are taken care of. Rapid detox can occur while the patient is under general anesthesia in as little as two hours.

Once the patient has gone through detox, he or she may be transferred to an inpatient treatment facility. At this facility, patients are monitored 24 hours each day to reduce the risk of using drugs again after detox. The psychological desire to use again can be very strong during the first thirty days after detox. This will depend on the sort of substance that was abused and the duration and level of addiction in the individual.

Drug Addiction Rehab In Oklahoma

As a part of a drug addiction rehab in Oklahoma, patients may receive both individual and group counseling. Individual counseling can help patients deal with the issues that lead to addiction as well as learning new coping skills. Group counseling deals with similar matters but allows the patient to learn to work with others in overcoming problems. Family counseling is often required as the addict and his or her family need to learn new ways of coping with stressful situations and how to support one another.

Many addicts have poor nutritional health. During the treatment program, they may learn the importance of feeding the body healthy foods. Good nutrition is often helpful in taking care of other family members and moving toward a more normal life.

Due to the physiological craving of the body for opiates, many patients also need medication to help them to battle their addiction successfully. In some instances, patients may be prescribed and supplied with medications such as methadone. These medications work with the brain to control physical cravings for illegal drugs.

Completing an in-house treatment program often provides a good basis for the long-term recovery. However, just completing a program is not all that is needed for success. Patients must develop adequate support to overcome once they are released from treatment. For many, this will mean breaking some old ties and developing new friends. In addition, many have found support groups, especially those using 12-step programs, such as NA as a key to sobriety.

Many addicts also must deal with the legal system, due to crimes committed in relation to their addiction. Some will face court ordered detox and in-house treatment. Failure to follow through with the court order may lead to arrest and jail time. The judge may require documentation from the rehab counselor that the individual is following the program before sentencing individuals for crimes committed.

In general, people come to a drug addiction rehab in Oklahoma for one of two reasons. Some have reached the bottom. They are ready to make changes in their lives that they cannot make on their own. Others come into the program because of a court order. In either case, the process is often the same: detox, in-house treatment, including counseling and support followed by joining a support group on the outside. While not all addicts are successful on the journey, many are and these may live many happy years in sobriety.

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