New Jersey Substance Abuse Treatment

There are several facilities for drug addiction rehab in New Jersey. One of the facilities that offer good service and results is the Endeavor House. They have a staff of social workers, physicians, counselors and nurses. They are all accredited by the acknowledged agencies, like the Commission of Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, American Society of Addiction Medicine and the State of New Jersey.

With this accreditation, you can be assured of proper care and good results. One of the significant benefits one can get if they choose the Endeavor House is that it accepts and recognizes almost all medical insurance plans. There are even payment plans and other payment terms that you can arrange with them. If your concern is the hindrance that money causes to have someone you love get rehabilitated, then this should no longer be an issue with this feature.

Endeavor House believes that recovery can only be accomplished with a well-planned continuum of care. They follow through and treat the different stages of substance abuse recovery or even alcohol abuse. For longer term rehabilitation, the person who will undergo the rehabilitation process will begin his or her day at 8am and will end at 11 pm.

Drug Addiction Rehab In New Jersey

This has meal breaks and some free time will be given for written assignments. There will also be psychotherapy group sessions. Some of the topics that may be discussed are Identifying Coping Skills, Shame & Guilt, Disease Concept of Addiction, and Anger and Resentment. There will also be an individual counselor who will act as the director of the treatment. This counselor will give therapies not only to the one being rehabilitated, but will also involve the family. There is also an hour allotted a day for the Relapse Prevention Group session.

There will also be didactic groups as well as educational groups will be offered during the day. The topics cover Spirituality and Recovery. Nutrition & Self-Care in Recovery, Stress Management, and the 12 Step Philosophy. There will also be in-house meetings. Additional support is provided through the invitation of speakers and sponsors who come to the facility and contribute to the possible activities for the one undergoing rehabilitation.

Types of Substance Abuse Meetings

  1. Cocaine Anonymous (CA)
  2. Narcotics Anonymous (NA)
  3. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)

For the treatment, a medical recommendation is made based on the treatment made and the substance abuse history. Furthermore, there are other methods of therapies, like music, recreational experiences, art therapy, nutritional counseling, and even yoga classes.

There are also intensive and comprehensive outpatient programs offered. They are designed for the needs of the patient. It has a minimum of nine hours of group therapy. There is even a weekly individual therapy. The goals for individual treatment are made with the primary clinician.

The most important thing is to recognize that treatment can be done, if the family chooses to support the patient. Family sessions are even done to make sure proper support for recovery can be given to the one aiming for rehabilitation. All of these are also available in a majority of drug addiction rehabs in New Jersey.

There are a lot of options that one can choose if you are seeking an appropriate drug addiction rehab in New Jersey. Endeavor House is just one of these. You need to be able to make the decision for you or your loved one. You need to recognize that they need help and going to these kinds of facilities will definitely help you get the treatment that you or your loved one deserve. Keep these aspects in mind during your research feeling out which program suits the specific needs of the one in need of help.

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