Substance Abuse Treatment In Michigan

Drug addiction is a harmful disease that affects thousands of individuals in the U.S. on a daily basis. In most cases, this type of disease can have damaging consequences for the abuser if treatment is not found. The Freedom Center is a drug addiction rehab in Michigan. This center is not only the most successful drug treatment center in the United States, but it is the best rehab center for any Michigan resident.

The Freedom Center currently has a success rate of more than 70%. This percentage would suggest that at least 3 out of 4 of the center’s graduates leave clean and remain clean. It’s important to note that this success rate is significantly higher than that of many traditional 12-step programs.

The Freedom Center is successful because it provides the perfect environment for recovery. There is a safe and comfortable atmosphere that allows patients the room for growth. The bedrooms in the center are clean as well as comfortably sized. This creates the ideal environment for receiving the proper rest and relaxation that a full recovery requires.

Drug Addiction Rehab In Michigan

Moreover, there is even an ample amount of room for recreation and entertainment in one of the many lounge areas. The Freedom Center is a drug addiction rehab in Michigan that is located in a quiet and somewhat residential area. The facility is made up of a 58,000 square foot building that sits on 10 acres of land. The building is surrounded by beautiful scenery that is the backdrop to large oak trees and a peaceful, wooded area.

The background is filled with deer grazing as well as plenty of room for self-reflection and short walks. Most importantly, the center allows patients to learn life skills while remaining engaged in a casual classroom environment. Freedom even incorporates an on-site, work-out facility that is perfect for keeping the body fit and healthy.

The patients can also enjoy several of the recreational sports offered such as volleyball, pool, basketball and occasionally swimming. The Freedom Center takes pride in offering a relaxing and engaging facility. Freedom believes this is what effectively assists the treatment process.

You can see how this has been regarded as the best drug addiction rehab in Michigan. The program offered at Freedom is distinct because it does not classify people that are addicted to drugs and or alcohol as addicts. As an alternative, the center views all patients as students. The center simply believes that patients are people that are attempting to live without abusing a substance.

The addiction treatment program is intended to allow potential graduates to return to their lives with skills that will help them remain clean. The primary focus of the program is to teach students how to live an ethical life that is free of substance abuse. The main goal of the program is to help each student become a contributing citizen in society.

Freedom understands that for many students it will take more than just eliminating the body of harmful substances to conquer an addiction. For that reason, Freedom obtains the best results by allowing students the opportunity to educate themselves. This center teaches students to control their situation, to communicate effectively, to use the tools around them to acquire and retain knowledge, to overcome the habit of living in the past, to avoid dangerous situations and to focus on ethical, moral and responsible behavior.

The Freedom Center is a drug addiction rehab in Michigan that has a higher than average success rate, a beautiful and relaxing environment as well as an engaging program. Anyone seeking treatment should consider The Freedom Center in Michigan.

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