Substance Abuse Recovery in Louisiana

Though drug addiction is a menace, it is quite possible to treat it and get it out of the system of the individual. There are several drug addiction rehabs in Louisiana that help address these problems. With the help of this treatment, the addicts would not only be able to lead a clean life, but there would also be a great deal of peace and happiness instilled into their lives.

A drug addiction rehab in Louisiana not only looks into the medical condition of the addict but also ensures that different therapies are offered for the patient. Drug addiction is more of a mental problem rather than a medical issue, and drug addiction rehabs take this approach with their treatment.

The medications offered when necessary not only block the effect of the drugs taken in the past, but they also considerably bring down the craving for the same. For heroin addiction, methadone is the most commonly prescribed medicine that helps in getting ex users through the very difficult process that drug can entail. Some behavioral addiction therapy must also be combined along with the medications.

Drug Addiction Rehab In Louisiana

To be honest, the more treatment an addict receives, the likelier the chances of him or her getting cured. If the person is left alone and not given the proper care and affection, then he or she would most likely end up deeper into the troubles of the addiction. The drug addiction rehab treatment takes some time and people who spend at least three months in these centers are the likeliest to benefit out of the program. The ones who come out of the treatment within a few weeks or days often have lower chances of success.

If one goes by statistics, then people who go through drug treatment are more likely to not harm other people and the crimes committed by them also comes down a great deal. In addition, these people are in a better position to land a decent job and some of the other benefits that seemed to be removed from their lives. Therefore, drug addiction treatment brings about a holistic change in the life of the person.

The long-term goals of any drug treatment are complete abstinence from drug usage; however, the short-term objective is to bring down the effects of drugs and its further usage as much as possible. There are different kinds of treatment for drug addiction. The short-term treatments last for three to six months and they are usually a combination of medications and several therapies. The longer treatments are more concentrated and they are usually recommended for people who have higher inclinations to drugs and severe pasts with addiction.

When the individual eventually finishes treatment at the rehab centers, he is not usually put on medication to sustain the effects of the treatment as most of the work is done during the stay at the drug center. However, the patient is asked to visit the center on a regular basis so that the progress can be checked on a timely basis. This is called maintenance therapy and is recommended to people who has been victims of drug abuse over a longer-time period.

These people are usually the ones who have taken drugs like opiates for considerable amounts of time. Such maintenance programs are not required for patients who have been on other not so powerful drugs and whose addiction period is for a brief period comparatively. There are several treatments for prisoners as well, and treatments for these individuals can help in turning their lives right around. When someone has willingness, there really is no case that is too hopeless.

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